What clients have said.

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Krystal Anne Curwood

Two years ago, I transitioned to my coach, my confidante, my friend: Kathy Butler, … I realized she was everything I needed in a coach. Not only has she shaped me to be a better athlete and friend, but to achieve more than I thought possible in running. There are times that she pushes me to do the extra rep and then there are times she tells me no more half way through the workout. She pays attention. Not only does she challenge you, but encourages and listens to you. Her workouts and nutrition strategy gave me strength as I went through ups and downs mentally and physically. She knew that I had gone through a tough time outside of training, and life was just getting the better of me, but during workouts and runs, she made me feel wanted. She made me feel as I had a home and the team became family. She made me see that I became stronger and that those moments can be overcome by just taking one step in each rep at a time. …She has guided me to achieve a 1:16 Half Marathon and a 2:45 marathon at California International Marathon in 2017, qualifying for the Olympic Trials. …I know for me she is more than a coach. She is someone who has shown that when I doubt myself, she is my cheerleader, the one person who will believe in you.

Rodrigo De la Hoz

After 2 years of running, and following all kinds of pre designed coaching programs I wasn't moving forward. I increased my mileage and effort but the PB's where very difficult to improve on. After 5 months with a bespoke program by Coach Kathy I started to get serious, I began to improve and also became more motivated. I'm training for my first marathon and I have no doubt I'll be in good shape. Under Kathy's coaching I have acheived PB's of 41:40 for 10k, and 1:34:58 for the HM . Rodrigo De la Hoz Bogota, Colombia.

Lindsey Koch

In the time I trained with Kathy Butler, I gained so much both mentally and physically, that excelled my running abilities to new heights. Providing workouts specific to my goals, I was always confident in the direction my training was headed. In addition to the workouts Kathy provided, she also helped me adjust my mental mentality on racing in a way where I felt confident and ready whenever I hit the starting line for a race. Within six months of training with Kathy, I dropped my best times including a 36:14 10K and a 1:18:45 Half Marathon. She also helped me achieve a dream of mine, which was to run for one the best college cross country teams in the nation! Thanks to the workouts and skills that I gained through Kathy’s training, I was offered a spot on the cross country teams roster. I know when my collegiate career has come to an end, I will return to Kathy for her guidance and experience in training.

Dave Janis

Kathy helped me get involved in running and is training me for my first marathon. I started out running a few miles a week on the treadmill at the health club last year. Now, seven miles seems like an easy run. Kathy has been available to help me with all my questions and concerns from when I started as a novice runner last year to getting ready for longer races this fall. She is a great coach and fun to work with.