Drills to make you stronger.

2015 Dynamic Drills

Here is a video of a group doing dynamic warmup drills. The woman in the purple top does them quite well, there are varying degrees of ability and experience for the rest of the group.

Lunges, Jumps and Skate (LJS)

Lunges, Jumps and Skate (LJS) can be done as a quick set of strength and stability exercises. Alternate the Jumps between the quick and slow version.

Foot exercises for runners

These foot exercises are very effective at improving foot flexibility and strength. They can be helpful at resolving and preventing plantar fascia problems and achilles problems. The are optimally done in sand or long grass but shown in the video on carpet so that you can see them clearly.

Dynamic Drills

Here is another example of dynamic warmup drills. This group does quite well with these exercises. Despite their teenage chatter and beautiful mountain views they actually know what they’re doing!